Charley  on the Lake


James C. “Charley” Coss has a Masters of Public Administration degree at Western Michigan University. Charley is most interested in the area of Community Development & Planning, Internet Security, Personal Privacy, and Intellectual Property Law.

Charley has been working in the field of corporate communications for nearly 20 years, he has produced a variety of business meetings and corporate video productions, book tours and trade shows. With over 30 years of expertise with computers and implementation of network and Internet security.

Currently, raising his three children. His eldest daughter, Sarasvati Vina Miller, having received a BA in psychology at DePaul University, is pursuing her MBA @ WMU and is looking to move East. His other daughter Alice Iola will be entering High School in the Fall of 2013. His son James Yeager is in the 6rd Grade and enjoys participating in sports like his sisters. Their family dogs Ben & Wiggins are no longer with us, we have our 4 year old dog Roscoe, and his have inhereted Sara's dog LuLu. They both love each others company

Currently, he is involved in the City Planning Commission, a City of Kalamazoo Advisory Committee, and active in the local Special Olympics (Area 16) of Kalamazoo, and reinventing his businesses to accomodate the modern times.